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Hello there! I'm Shannon, a happily married wife and mom to two wonderful kiddos. I started Trinity Scent Design as a hobby in 2020 but it has since become so much more than that. I've always been a little obsessed with fragrance, and when I realized I could create my own scented items to share with people, I boarded that train and never looked back.

My goal is to use the power of scent to reach people in a way that leaves them feeling refreshed, happy, serene, hopeful, inspired, relaxed, and maybe even a bit nostalgic. I want every item that I create to POSITIVELY impact you. The world has become a horribly dark place, full of things that drag us down and wear away at our mental defenses, leaving us emotionally and physically drained. Here at Trinity Scent Design I'm doing what I can to fight back that darkness one amazing scent at a time.

All of the products I create are crafted from the finest ingredients available and are free of toxins, pthalates, and harmful additives. Each item is handmade by me, right here in the United States, to ensure excellent quality and a pleasant experience.

I cannot express how blessed I feel to finally be living my dream of owning a small business -- and every purchase you make directly benefits my family. Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy the products you choose to purchase as much as I enjoy creating them.